June 20, 2007

Denali Flavors To License Moose Tracks To Dippin’ Dots

WAYLAND, Mich., June 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Premium ice cream developer and marketer Denali Flavors, Inc. today announced a partnership with Paducah, Kentucky-based Dippin' Dots(R) to license its signature Moose Tracks(R) brand of ice cream to the fast-growing frozen novelty pioneer. Moose Tracks Dippin' Dots(R) is currently available across the country through a network of retail locations and sports and entertainment venues.

Moose Tracks Dippin' Dots will bring together vanilla "ice cream dots" with chocolate chips and bites of chocolate covered peanut butter cups. The unique frozen treat is created through a proprietary freezing process that is much colder than required for ice cream. The resulting treat is comprised of tiny beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavored ice that melt in your mouth.

Michigan-based Denali Flavors is best known for Moose Tracks, the company's signature flavor that frequently outsells vanilla in a number of dairy brands. Moose Tracks is made available across the United States through a network of independent dairies, as are a number of other unique Denali flavors, including Bear Claw(R), Caramel Caribou(R), Mother Lode(R), Bear Foot Brownie and Peanut Butter Iditarod(R).

"We are excited to see Moose Tracks made available as a unique Dippin' Dots flavor," said Neal Glaeser, president, Denali Flavors Inc. "It is a great marriage between two forward-thinking ice cream companies. Dippin' Dots are recognized pioneers of a whole new variety of ice cream, and we have a successful record of creating ground-breaking flavors."

In addition to developing ice cream recipes, Denali provides product development and marketing support for independent ice cream makers who produce regional and store-branded products. Denali ice creams products are available at most major grocery store chains, ice cream shops and convenience stores nationwide.

Dippin' Dots has swept the nation by making a variety of well known ice cream flavors available as a unique frozen treat. The company sold nearly 400,000 gallons of the popular Oreo Cookie Dippin' Dots last year alone, and it recently ranked as the fastest growing young franchise in the U.S. The unique indulgence is available worldwide at retailers that include shopping malls, amusement and water parks, stadiums, fairs and festivals. Also known as the "Ice Cream of the Future," Dippin' Dots are served by the cup or in single-serve pouches.

"Moose Tracks has been our fastest growing new flavor," said Nate Heider, Brand Manager at Dippin' Dots. "We added it to our flavor line in mid-January and it's already among our top 10 flavors in sales. We expect Moose Tracks sales to increase even further through the summer months."

About Denali Flavors

Michigan-based Denali Flavors, Inc. is one of the leading inventors and marketers of specialty flavors for the ice cream industry, including its signature flavor, Moose Tracks(R), which outsells vanilla in a number of brands. The Denali product line consists of more than 30 flavors, including Bear Claw(R), Bear Foot(R), Mother Lode(R), and Caramel Caribou(R). For more information, visit the Denali Web site at http://www.moosetracks.com/.

About Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots(R) are tiny, cryogenically frozen beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavored ice. Invented in 1988 by microbiologist and entrepreneur Curt Jones, Dippin' Dots(R) offers more than two-dozen different flavors, plus seasonal flavors. The company's administrative and production headquarters are located in Paducah, Kentucky. Dippin' Dots(R) are sold in 290 retail locations and thousands of entertainment venues and special events nationwide. The company's Global division oversees licensees in nine countries. Locations and company information are available at http://www.dippindots.com/.

*According to Franchise Times Magazine, 2005-Fast Fifty-Five List

Denali Flavors, Inc.

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