July 2, 2007

The Sam Pievac Company Selects Infor to Support Global Growth

Infor today announced The Sam Pievac Company, an international supplier of standard and custom retail fixtures and displays, has selected Infor ERP SX.enterprise to support its global growth plans. The inherent electronic data interface (EDI) capabilities of SX.enterprise will enable the company to manage larger orders across its supplier network and streamline business processes throughout its facilities in the U.S. and China.

SX.enterprise manages the company's electronic business processes by facilitating the seamless flow of information among members of its trading community. This results in enhanced communication between The Sam Pievac Company and its suppliers, enabling it to automatically update product pricing-costing, delivery, and availability.

"We have outgrown our current legacy system, which simply can't deliver on our customers' demands for EDI and HTML capabilities," said Scott Pievac, CEO, The Sam Pievac Company. "Infor is the type of partner we need - one with long term direction, stability, and solutions which can support our goals to double our revenue over the next year."

Today, processing orders between the company's facilities here and in China can take up to seven days to complete. With SX.enterprise, The Sam Pievac Company projects the same process will take less than one day, enabling it to quickly provide accurate pricing and delivery times to customers, which will ultimately strengthen its competitive position in the market.

"Distributors need powerful tools like SX.enterprise to help them combat the increased pressures of the global supply chain, which can limit customer responsiveness and squeeze profit margins," said Thad Zylka, Infor vice president of Distribution Solutions. "With Infor, The Sam Pievac Company will experience improved customer service and inventory management efficiency, which is expected to reduce overstock by 50 percent."

Infor ERP SX.enterprise, a feature-rich solution with an intuitive graphical user interface, provides companies with business-specific functionality including advanced order processing with contact and activity management, integrated eCommerce storefront and catalog, and an extensive data warehouse reporting tool to monitor success. Some of the best known distributors in the world use SX.enterprise to manage complex products, improve inventory accuracy, control forecasting demand and simplify fleet scheduling.

About Sam Pievac

Founded in 1960, Sam Pievac Company is a global provider of custom and standard fixtures, point-of-purchase displays, hanger management systems and component parts for retailers worldwide. Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, Sam Pievac has facilities in Buena Park, California and Xiamen, China.

About Infor

Infor delivers business-specific software to enterprising organizations. With experience built in, Infor's solutions enable businesses of all sizes to be more enterprising and adapt to the rapid changes of a global marketplace. With more than 70,000 customers, Infor is changing what businesses expect from an enterprise software provider. For additional information, visit www.infor.com.