July 10, 2007

BUZ Interactive Introduces First Global Voice Messaging Service

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, for the first time, anyone in the world can send voicemail messages directly to any U.S. mobile phone user, thanks to a new service unveiled by BUZ Interactive(TM). With SENDaBUZ, consumers can send personal voice messages directly to any cell phone--without the phone ringing-for only 15 cents per message. SENDaBUZ(TM) is accessible now at 888-5-SENDABUZ (888-573-6322) or online at http://www.sendabuz.com/.

"The popularity of text messaging is a perfect indicator of how frequently people need to send a quick, unobtrusive message to someone," says Julien Blin, research analyst in IDC's Wireless and Mobile Communications program. "SENDaBUZ is a great complement to text messaging. People like to communicate via voice-it's often faster and much more personal-but until today, worldwide asynchronous voice messaging has been a challenge."

Voicemail Messaging Made Easy

To send a BUZ, people simply call 888-5-SENDABUZ, record their voice message, and enter the number of the recipient. Delivery of a message usually takes no more than a few minutes and the "new voicemail" indicator on a recipient's cell phone is lit when the message is delivered. To hear the message they simply dial in to voicemail on their mobile phone as they typically do.

Voice Heard 'Round the World

People around the world can also send voicemail messages to friends and family in the U.S. with SENDaBUZ, avoiding high calling costs and time zone conflicts. To use the online service, people simply go to http://www.sendabuz.com/, record a voicemail directly from their computer using a standard microphone, and enter the recipient's U.S. mobile phone number. The recipient is notified immediately that a message has arrived, and they can hear it by calling their mobile voicemail.

"We take it for granted that you can send an email or text to anyone, at any time," said Eric Sirkin, president and co-founder of BUZ Interactive. "But it has never been possible to send voicemail messages to someone else directly, especially if the other person is on a different mobile carrier, let alone in another country. Today, we've made it possible for anyone in the world to send a voicemail to any mobile phone in the U.S. instantly, without the phone ringing."


Every U.S. mobile user can use SENDaBUZ free for 30 days from the time of first use. At the end of the 30 day period, BUZ messages will cost 15 cents. Recipients of voicemail messages do not incur any charges, except airtime to access voicemail if that is imposed by their carrier. The service is available in the 190 countries where payment by PayPal is accepted.

About BUZ Interactive

BUZ Interactive, the leader in direct-to-voicemail personalization services makes it fun and easy to create voicemail greetings that utilize the mobile phone's existing voicemail system and work across every major mobile carrier in the U.S. With headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, BUZ operates the popular GETaBUZ(TM) service (http://www.getabuz.com/) that allows people to create unique messages by mixing voice with popular music and using it's SENDaBUZ service (http://www.sendabuz.com/), anyone can send voice messages to any cell phone without it ringing. Learn how to get your own BUZ service at http://www.buzinteractive.com/. To hear a BUZ, go to http://www.buzinteractive.com/newsResources.php.

BUZ Interactive

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