Technology News Archive - November 27, 2004

Microsoft says it will give customers advance notice of its monthly security updates in an effort to help them prepare to install related software patches.

Sun this week is expected to unveil Solaris 10, the most significant update to its flagship Unix operating system in two-and- a-half years. Sun also will introduce new storage products.

But its attempt to take shots at a competitor fly back in its face as EMC dismisses announcement as part of a battle for second place in the sector NEW YORK - IBM says its new Fibre Channel disk-based storage systems can bridge enterprise and midrange environments by bringing high end functions to smaller storage servers and ease of use to its high-end products.

INNOVATIVE APPROACHES TO SOLVING THE DEMANDS OF BUSINESS London Roof Truss turfs Microsoft Windows NT Server for open source and cuts customer response time from a half hour to seconds.

Multinational companies have seen them come and go - Concert, Unisource, Global One and a handful of other global network ventures. Now a new one is about to be born, after British Telecom Group's agreement last week to acquire lnfonet.

Novell last week announced its Linux desktop product, an offering aimed at technical workstation users and price-sensitive customers seeking a Windows alternative.

There's no magic to server virtualization, and the benefits of hardware consolidation and datacenter control are real SERVER VIRTUALIZATION IS ONE OF those rare technologies that sounds too good to be true, but it's real.

THE BIGGEST corporate backer of Seattle-area startup companies is not Microsoft, Boeing or Amazon.com. It is a Silicon Valley titan that makes its money on semiconductors - an industry with very little presence here.


The Bush administration opposed security measures for new microchip-equipped passports that privacy advocates contended were needed to prevent identity theft, government snooping or a terror attack, according to State Department documents released Friday.

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