Technology News Archive - October 04, 2005

By Chen, Wen-Jung; Lee, Chuan Following the phenomenon of the "Internet Bubble," the industry's planning and execution of marketing strategies have begun to show defects. The main objective of this study is to investigate the effect of website image on consumers' behavior.

Microsoft Corp. has broken off licensing talks with the four global music companies, raising questions about the software giant's plans to start a subscription-based music service, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A low-tech knight's castle, a Slurpee maker and a set of kid-friendly cell phones are among the top 10 toys this year, according to kid testers surveyed by FamilyFun magazine.

The film industry is working to launch online movie download services to avoid the same fate as the piracy-ridden music industry, NBC Universal Chairman and Chief Executive Bob Wright said on Tuesday.

Sony Corp. Chief Executive Howard Stringer said on Tuesday he was pushing forward with a growth strategy that revolves around its powerful "cell" chip, and leveraging content to drive electronics sales.

Motorola Inc., the world's No. 2 cellphone maker, on Tuesday said it signed up Universal Music Group for iRadio, a wireless music service Motorola is planning for the 2006 first quarter.

With the help of new silicon-based compounds, scientists -- and patients -- are getting a significant new charge out of the tiny lithium batteries used in implantable devices to help treat nervous system and other disorders.

The emotional intelligence of students indirectly contributes to academic success in information technology studies, preliminary results from a study led by Virginia Tech researchers show.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania may not have turned lead into gold as alchemists once sought to do, but they did turn lead and selenium nanocrystals into solids with remarkable physical properties. In the October 5 edition of Physical Review Letters, online now, physicists Hugo E. Romero and Marija Drndic describe how they developed am artificial solid that can be transformed from an insulator to a semiconductor.


Google Inc. took a big step toward challenging Microsoft Corp.'s dominance in computer word-processing and spreadsheets with the announcement Tuesday that it would distribute Java technology from Sun Microsystems Inc. The move will let Google create or offer programs that could take on the popular Office suite.

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