Technology News Archive - October 05, 2005

By Fisher, Greg How many times have you sat at your desk or driven in your car and dreamed of building a business from scratch? I come across people everyday who fantasize about embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure but few of them ever take the leap.


At least 20 teams were expected to be named Wednesday to enter the $2 million government-sponsored robot race across the Mojave Desert after proving that their driverless vehicles could navigate a 2-mile obstacle course during a weeklong trial.

The record industry may next aim its legal guns at satellite radio due to a dispute involving new portable players which let listeners record and store songs, an analyst and industry sources said on Wednesday.

Trafficking in stolen credit cards has largely shifted to Russian-language Web sites after an international crackdown sparked disarray among English-speaking scam artists, a U.S. Secret Service official said on Wednesday.

Word of the Day
  • The practice of two or more parties jointly purchasing all or part of a butchered cow and dividing the meat between them.
The word 'cowpooling' was formed on the model of 'carpooling'.