Technology News Archive - April 19, 2006


Nearly half of U.S. users of the Internet went online for help with major life decisions such as finding a college for their child or looking for a new place to live, according to a survey released on Wednesday.


"DVDs? CDs? Games? Porn? What you want?" hawkers in Beijing's Zhongguancun neighborhood whisper to potential customers. Despite periodic crackdowns on piracy, China's has a voracious appetite for cheap, unauthorized copies of software and other digital products.

Yahoo Inc. may have helped Chinese police to identify an Internet writer who was subsequently jailed for four years for subversion in the third such case, an advocacy group for journalists said on Wednesday.


Social networking online isn't just for hip twenty-year-olds any longer, as a new wave of targeted Internet community sites build business models to attract larger audiences and more advertisers.


Through a project supported by the European Space Agency, the UK-based company Wired Ocean Ltd can now provide enhanced Internet access for ships at sea at a much lower cost than was previously possible.

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  • An armed gangster.
The word 'shotta' is an alteration of 'shooter'.