Technology News Archive - May 26, 2008


Social networks seem to have taken control of a large chunk of the Web. However, their limited ability to allow users to carry their data with them while roaming to and from different sites is spurring some new innovations.


Games like “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” have increased sales for classic rock groups. Now the record industry is hoping it can do the same for new music.


In an effort to learn more about giant storms, U.S. researchers are using unmanned, remote-controlled airplanes this year to penetrate the heart of Atlantic hurricanes.

Word of the Day
  • One of a religious order living in a convent or in community; a monk: opposed to anchoret or hermit (one who lives in solitude).
  • A social bee.
This word comes from the Latin 'coenobium,' convent, which comes from the Greek 'koinobios,' living in community.