Technology News Archive - May 06, 2008


Sprint Nextel Corp. refused to respond to reports released on Monday implying that the company may be considering the sale of Nextel to Deutsch Telekom AG.


Three researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have proposed an innovative way to improve global climate change predictions by using a supercomputer with low-power embedded microprocessors, an approach that would overcome limitations posed by today’s conventional supercomputers.


The day may be getting a little closer when robots will perform surgery on patients in dangerous situations or in remote locations, such as on the battlefield or in space, with minimal human guidance.


The future of the press may bring about the age of integrated newsrooms that will insist upon the flexibility of journalists to cover news for all media within five years, according to a new report conducted by Zogby International for the World Editors Forum and Reuters.


A small, unmanned vehicle makes its way down the road ahead of a military convoy. Suddenly it stops and relays a warning to the convoy commander. The presence of a deadly improvised explosive device, or IED, has been detected by sophisticated new sensor technology.

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  • The analysis of literature, focusing on the words and grammar to the exclusion of context or literary merit.
The word 'logocentrism' is a blend of logo- +‎ centrism.