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Technology News Archive - September 05, 2011

Pitch Maestro allows sales people to create secure sales environments and know when pitch documents are being read and by whom.

AdInfa has developed InSite, a technology solution that sends automated SMS alerts to companies when critical events occur in the monitoring of their data centre infrastructure. United

Samsung’s Sales Ban Extends To Latest 7.7-inch Tablet

A court-ordered sales injunction in Germany has halted the sale and promotion of Samsung’s new tablet computer in Germany, scaled back from a European-wide ban, taking the wind out of its fledging global patent battle with Apple’s iPad.

Dutch Websites Hit With Iranian Hack

The Dutch government this weekend said it could not guarantee the security of its websites, and said it was investigating whether Iran may have been involved in hacking state websites after digital certificates were found to be stolen.

Veteran-owned and operated internet retailer Headphones.com is proud to announce the addition of the Nixon headphone brand to their selection of quality merchandise. South

Insight Experience, a leading global provider of business simulations, is pleased to announce a suite of simulations designed to accelerate leadership development for leaders at all management

Leverate, the premium Forex broker solutions provider, announces the launch of the real-time Market News Feed and Economic Calendar, integrated to MT4 , proprietary trading platforms and broker

Image 1 - Researchers Develop Motor One Nanometer Wide

Researchers have developed an electric motor that is just a billionth of a meter across.