Technology News Archive - October 12, 2012

Amazon Chief Says Kindles Sell At Cost

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos revealed on Thursday that the online retailer makes no profit on sales of its Kindle devices, but is relying instead on making money through sales of books and other content subsequently bought by device owners.

Galaxy S III Mini Debuts

President of Samsung Mobile JK Shin got more than a little coy on Wednesday when he just so happened to mention the European market and their possible proclivity for a 4-inch device. Then, a day later, his company made it official, proving all the rumors true and unveiling the Galaxy S III Mini.

Lexus Models Found To Have Faulty Trunk Latches

Ever since 2002, all automobiles for sale in the States have been required to have a glow-in-the-dark safety latch installed in trunk.

Security Issues Force Mozilla To Pull Firefox 16 One Day After Release

Mozilla has released an update for Firefox 16, fixing flaws that left the new Web browser vulnerable to attacks.

Anonymous And WikiLeaks Bad Blood

Anonymous, that band of hackers known for attacking both companies and countries alike, has this week taken issue with an organization they once “fought” to protect.

Street View Expanded By Google

In what could be an effort to placate those who are still looking for a proper iOS ready app, Google has announced that these iPhone users will now be able to use Street View to see even more places than before.

Facebook Open Graph Revisions Include Notices

Facebook is taking a step back from some of the automated posts set up using Open Graph, adding steps that will notify users that their action will be posted to their wall.

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The word 'palinode' comes from Greek roots meaning 'again' and 'song'.