Technology News Archive - October 29, 2012

IBM Researchers Demonstrate New Approach To Nanotechnology

Scientists working with one US-based technology giant claim that they have demonstrated a new approach to carbon nanotechnology that could pave the way to much smaller, faster, and more powerful computer chips.

Daimer Unveils Steam Cleaner For Clean Room Disinfection

EPA-complaint steam cleaners with HEPA vacuums offer outstanding cleaning power to disinfect clean rooms without the need for chemicals. Environmentally-safe technologies include patent-pending technologies.

Titan: World's Fastest Supercomputer Unleashed

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has created a machine capable of doing the unthinkable. In fact, it’s capabilities not only sound impossible, they sound fictional.

Hackers Target French EuroMillions Website

In France a group calling themselves the “Moroccanghost” hacked into a French lottery site and left messages in both French and Arabic denouncing gambling as the “work of the devil.”

VALVE Opens Up Steam Linux Beta Testing

VALVE opens up beta testing for its Steam Linux social gaming platform, although not without stipulations.

Amazon Takes Former VP To Court For Joining Google

Daniel Powers worked as Amazon’s VP of web services sales from December 2010 until July 2012, growing Amazon’s cloud based services by 6 times as he sold the service across the world.

Hurricane Sandy Could Disrupt Tech Services

With Hurricane Sandy just hours away from landing on the East Coast, wireless providers are preparing their networks for the worst.

Microsoft Europe Reverses Adult Game Restrictions For Windows 8

Gamers are often early adopters when Windows puts out a new operating system. The new OS often brings with it faster speeds, enhanced graphics and richer sound; all the elements that make for better gameplay.

Apple Store Sells Wi-Fi Enabled Philips Light Bulbs

Today, Philips is announcing their entrance into the Wi-Fi-enabled light bulb market and, just like the Nest thermostat before it, shoppers will be able to pick it up at any Apple store across the nation.

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