Technology News Archive - October 03, 2012

Download Speeds Increased Using Nothing But Light

Scientists at the University of Minnesota have invented a unique microscale optical device that could dramatically increase download speeds while lowering bandwidth costs.

Merger Could Bring T-Mobile USA And MetroPCS Together

Deutsche Telekom, the German company that owns T-Mobile USA, said on Tuesday that it is in talks with MetroPCS to combine their U.S. wireless businesses.

Motorola Mobility Drops ITC Complaint Against Apple

Tech companies sue one another for patent infringement nearly every day. There are so many of these suits, it can often be difficult just to keep each of them straight. Therefore, it’s quite an occasion whenever a company withdraws their complaint and intention to ban the sale of a device.

Samsung Sends Out Mysterious Press Invites

The company which made itself distinguishable by fixating on size and styluses might be changing its tune next week.

Google Patents Smart Watch Filled With Trove Of High-Tech Goodies

Ever since the days of Dick Tracy (and possibly even before) humans have wanted the things strapped to their wrists to do more than just tell time.

Indian Scammers Make Calls Offering Tech Support

No doubt we’ve all seen the warnings – “your computer is infected with viruses, Click Here.” The wise advice is to close the pop up window or leave the website offering the advice and look to reliable virus solutions.

Advertisers Upset With Microsoft

When Microsoft announced this summer that the version of Internet Explorer which will be packaged with Windows 8 will enable a Do Not Track feature by default, they ruffled a few feathers.

Apple Makes Lightning Expensive To Duplicate

Apple did more than upset many of their customers when they switched from the 9-year old 30-pin connector to the new Lightning connector, they also made a few enemies around the third-party industry.

Graphene Could Mean Flexible, Transparent Memory

Graphene is making headlines more and more as researchers find new ways to expand its many uses. Now, researchers from Rice University are looking to the material, as well as silicon oxide, as a new form of flexible, transparent memory.

RIM Updates PlayBook Tablet

Good books inspire sequels, but the BlackBerry Playbook tablet actually wasn’t so much a best seller as a good first draft. Fortunately, unlike with novels, tablets can get updated.

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