Technology News Archive - October 30, 2012

Consumer Reports Releases Car Reliability Survey

The most reliable cars in the U.S. auto market are made by Toyota Motor Corp., according to the annual Consumer Reports’ auto-reliability survey released on Monday.

Differences Between Tablet And Smartphone Users

Smartphone owners tend to be younger and more often male compared with owners of tablet computing devices, according to new data released on Monday by Flurry Analytics.

Amazon Compares Apples To Oranges

Yesterday, Amazon shoppers were greeted by an ad on the front page of the website for a member of the Amazon Kindle family.

Apple Exec Scott Forstall Let Go

Apple quietly issued a press release in the wake of a Google Nexus announcement and early reviews of Microsoft’s Surface tablet announcing a reorganizing of their executive staff.

Daimer Unveils Carpet Cleaner For Shipment Outside Of The United States

Foreign buyers seek high-quality carpet cleaners that will stand the test of time. A well-respected American manufacturer offers unrivaled product performance and longevity.

Wireless Charging Comes To Boston Starbucks Stores

Yesterday Starbucks announced they’d be joining the Power Matters Alliance along with AT&T and Google to help set a global standard for what could be a blossoming market - charging electronic devices wirelessly.

Drones May Soon Become Commonplace In Our Domestic Skies

As technology advances and autonomous vehicles become not only feasible but potentially profitable, many have looked to the FAA for regulations of these aircraft.

Advanced Exoskeleton Gives People With Paraplegia More Independence

The dream of regaining the ability to stand up and walk has come closer to reality for people paralyzed below the waist who thought they would never take another step.

Google Matches Apple In Apps

One of the main arguments in the great mobile platform war is the issue of app ecosystems. Apple has, of course, been the undisputed leader when it comes to their app store.

Disney Buys Lucasfilm

A little bit ago, in a galaxy not so far away, news broke that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm Ltd and is planning to finish what George Lucas never started - the remaining Star Wars episodes.

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