Technology News Archive - October 04, 2012

Disney Experiments With Light And 3D Printing

For many, the future will be a place where instead of going to a store to buy a product or ordering it from the Internet and waiting for it to arrive, consumers will simply download it and have it printed almost instantly on their desktop 3D printer.

Facebook To Allow Promoted Posts By Users

Facebook announced on Wednesday that some U.S. members would be able to have their posts or photos highlighted on their friends' news feeds – for a fee.

Report On Big Data: Guide To Transforming The Government

The TechAmerica Foundation’s Federal Big Data Commission released their report on Big Data yesterday, suggesting what value Big Data will have, how it should be supported...

Kids Privacy Online Again Topic Of Debate

The FTC is also now in the process of increasing regulations concerning children’s Internet privacy, causing some popular web services to cry ‘foul’ and once again catapulting the issue of kids privacy online into the public spotlight.

More Motorola Layoffs Coming Warns Google

After a round of Motorola layoffs in August that cut 20 percent of the unit's employees, Google has issued a warning of further cuts in a recent SEC Form 8-K/A filing.

Nissan Enters Automated Auto Market

Computers and robots have long been used to do the tasks in life either too mundane or too dangerous for humans. From the early days of calculators, to the future of search and rescue missions, humans have always found a way to delegate tasks to these machines.

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble Partner For NOOK Media

This week, the two companies announced NOOK Media, a subsidiary that includes Barnes & Noble's NOOK Digital and College Business as well as Microsoft Investment to Advance Digital Reading Experience.

Google Settles Copyright Infringement Suit

Google has announced today they’ve been able to strike a deal with the Association of American Publishers, ending a 7-year spat between the two.

Lasik eye surgery is more affordable now than ever before, however, there are some people who fear they still cannot afford it.

Coaxion is your priority inbox for documents, allowing corporations to push critical documents to team iPads & iPhones. Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

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