Technology News Archive - October 05, 2012

Bomb-detecting Device Can Smell Explosives On Your Hand

Airport security might be tightening up behind the lines with Hitachi's announcement of its new bomb-detecting prototype at the airport gate - a device which uses mass spectrometry technology to detect explosives.

Steve Jobs Remembered

One year ago today, on October 5, 2011, the tech industry lost a titan, Apple lost one half of its founders, and the world lost a visionary.

Facebook Denies Liking On Your Behalf

Facebook denied on Thursday recent reports alleging it scans its users' private messages and “likes” webpages sent as links.

Windows 8 Launch Events Announced

Microsoft Corp sent out invitations this week for two upcoming launch events to take place this later this month.


Most of us grew up on television, films and comic books featuring characters casually using incredible technologies that were plausible but always somewhat far-off into the future.

Sony Halts Sales Of "Splash Proof" Tablet, Susceptible To Water Damage

It’s a bad thing when a company ships a tablet with a gap in between the screen and the case. It’s even worse when the tablet in question is being marketed as “Splash Proof.”

Samsung Releases Third-Quarter Profit Predictions

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is more than a popular alternative to the iPhone, it’s also a money making machine. The South Korea released their third quarter predictions today...

Get Where You’re Going Using Less Gas And Oil

A quick pit-stop at the gas station is enough to put a good dent in your wallet. New technology is set to lower the high cost of filling up your car, by enabling combustion engines to consume two to three percent less gas and signifi cantly less oil, while eliminating a step in engine production.

ReDigi Taken To Court For Resale Of MP3s 100512

The innovative digital music retailer ReDigi is being taken to court by EMI Music for the recycled sale of used MP3 music. The court's decision will set a precedent for the future of the digital music industry.

Anonymous Attacks Sweden

The group of “Hacktivists” known as Anonymous is taking credit for a series of attacks, leaving the websites for the Swedish government and their central bank down on Friday.

Word of the Day
  • The horn of a unicorn considered as a medical or pharmacological ingredient.
  • A winged horse with a single horn on its head; a winged unicorn.
The word 'alicorn' comes from Italian alicorno, already associated with unicorns and reinterpreted, popularized by Bearing an Hourglass (1984) and other fantasy novels by Piers Anthony.