Technology News Archive - June 14, 2012

Apple Must Defend Itself Against Privacy Concerns While Google Walks Free

Apple must now go on the defensive in a lawsuit which says the Cupertino company is letting advertisers secretly track each of its mobile users. Interestingly enough, other companies, such as the ad-happy Google, were dismissed from the case.

Not So Fast! GPS Maker Harman Says Apple Is More Partner Than Rival

For as much as Tim Cook talked about doing “great things” with their products and the apps which run on them, Apple sure does have a tendency to squash other products and services underfoot. Take, for instance, text messaging. Or pocket cameras. Or GPS units.

eReader App Subtext Pivots To Education

Recently Subtext has repositioned itself to focus on education, promising a solution for teachers who want to create collaboration around digital books. Teachers can post and answer questions, link to Web content and create assignments and quizzes inside of the app.

Intel Sees Growth In Internet-connected Home Devices

As an increasing number of devices become connected to the Internet, Intel Corp. is looking to new markets, such as home entertainment, for major growth opportunities, the company’s chief financial officer said this week during the Reuters Media and Technology Summit in New York.

Britain Re-opens Google Street View Probe

Google will likely 'escape punishment' for gathering private emails, passwords, medical data, web browsing details and other private information from millions of Britons as it mapped out areas of the country in its fleet of Street View vehicles, experts say.

Mountain Lion: Making Friends By Bringing Us All Together

Across every announcement made by Apple during their 2012 WWDC Keynote, from new Retina Display Macs to new Maps in iOS 6, one element remained: Unity.

iOS Apps Show Up On RIM's PlayBook

Come, hear tale of the Mystical Developing Sorcerer and his tablets of Wonder!

ICANN Opens Floodgates For Top Level Domains

You will soon see the familiar web suffix of .com and .net replaced with .app, .kids, .love, .pizza and even more corporate-specific endings such as .amazon and .google, coming as early as next year.

10,000 Jobs To Be Cut At Nokia As It Struggles In Smartphone Market

In a move to slash costs and streamline operations, Finland-based Nokia announced today the cutting of 10,000 jobs worldwide by the end of next year, including research and development projects in Ulm, Germany, and Burnaby, Canada.

Rest In Peace, Ping

Sadly, the most memorable thing about Ping, Apple’s (pretty terrible) foray into social will be the fact that it’s one of Apple’s very few failures.

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