Technology News Archive - June 18, 2012

Facebook Settles 'Sponsored Stories' Lawsuit For $10 Million

The popular social network Facebook has agreed to pay $10 million to charity in order to settle a lawsuit filed by members who accused the website of violating their rights by using their names and likenesses without permission.

Osaka, June 18, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - Sharp Corporation and leading global design and innovation firm frog* have collaborated in developing Feel UX, a new user interface

US Recaptures Reign As Having World's Fastest Supercomputer

It has been more than two years since the US lost the number one spot on the TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers to China, which then lost that spot to Japan’s K Computer.

Prototype For Automated Pavement Crack Detection And Sealing System

Sealing cracks in roadways ensures a road's structural integrity and extends the time between major repaving projects, but conventional manual crack sealing operations expose workers to dangerous traffic and cover a limited amount of roadway each day.

Mozilla Is Finally Developing An iPad Browser

Apple is not a completely arrogant company. Sure, they would rather we classify them as “confident” rather than arrogant, but the point remains: They feel they are right more often than they are wrong.

Google Admits To Pulling Videos From YouTube

We know Google operates internationally, allowing people from all over the world to have access to some form of a wealth of information. But how do these countries and governments feel about their citizens having this kind of access?

Verizon Makes Quantum Leap With FiOS Service

On Monday Verizon announced that its residential customers will now have access to the fastest-ever FiOS Internet service dubbed FiOS Quantum

Microsoft May Unveil Tablet At Special Event In LA Today

Speculation is rampant over what Microsoft will unveil at its special announcement this afternoon. Most of the rumors have focused on some kind of tablet running the forthcoming Windows 8 or Windows RT.

Siri, How Do I Sue You?

As it turns out, when you’ve got the kind of cash Apple does, people will sue you for whatever they can for a piece of that sweet, sweet pie. Take, for example, the case of Frank M. Faizo vs Apple Incorporated.

Xbox 720 Document Pulled Offline By Microsoft Lawyers

If anyone was a skeptic on whether the details of Microsoft Xbox 720 game console were accurate, then all skepticism can be put to rest as the actions of the company's lawyers have confirmed the alleged specs.

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