Technology News Archive - June 04, 2012

Experts Claim Facebook Stock May Still Be Good Investment

The falling prices of Facebook stock, which has plummeted more than 25% since its initial public offering price, has rubbed many stock market investors the wrong way, but some experts argue that shares of the popular social network might be worth gambling on, should the price continue to fall.

Galaxy S3 Trumps iPhone 4S As UK's 'Most Popular Phone'

Samsung's Galaxy S3 has surpassed Apple's iPhone 4S as the most popular smartphone in the UK, according to new statistics based on sales and live searches released on Sunday.

Does Smart Glass Domain Purchases By Microsoft Reveal Latest Xbox Technology?

Microsoft is gobbling up domain names related to Smart Glass, which could indicate some kind of new touch screen media or gaming technology is on its way from the Xbox labs in Redmond.

Pre-Teens May Soon Be Allowed To Join Facebook

The under-thirteen crowd may soon be able to openly sign up for a Facebook account soon, as the social networking giant is now in the midst of developing technology that will allow the youngsters to have an account without having to lie about their age just to be connected.

Corning Unveils Flexible Willow Glass

For whatever reason, it seems people expect their glass devices to allow for some level of flexibility. Be it in the name of durability or design, companies have tried to bring a flexible form factor to our glass and LCD devices. Now, Corning has announced such a development in their glass lineup.

Nintendo Introduces Miiverse, Slowly Admits The Existence Of Other Mobile Platforms

Nintendo announced 2 very large pushes into new markets this morning, just ahead of this week’s E3 Conference in Los Angeles -- Mobile and Social.

Microsoft Not Making Any Friends In The Ad Industry

As Microsoft scrambles to rebrand themselves and their products, they’ve angered a few organizations along the way. There’s a new group of people who are angered about key decisions Microsoft has made concerning the native web browser to be released with Windows 8: Online advertisers.

Apple And Facebook, Sitting In A Tree...

It's the relationship that's been rumored for years. Now, new mumblings, murmurs and rumors say two of Silicon Valley's largest companies will finally get in bed with one another. The end result, a deep Facebook integration in Apple's iOS 6.

Siri On The iPad?

It's been a feature that's been clamored for ever since it first debuted...on another product. Now, if new rumors from 9to5mac.com are correct, everyone's favorite sassy, intelligent personal assistant will find a new home on the iPad.


The court room drama between Hewlett-Packard and Oracle has begun today, as the former is suing the latter for not abiding by a contract which was allegedly struck between the two parties.

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