Technology News Archive - June 07, 2012

I'd Like A Deep Fried Gadget With A Side Of Awesome

Just when it seems like the limit on fried things is unable to be pushed any further, Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves turns to a shock-and-awe method with his "Deep Fried Gadgets" project.

Apple Wants To Block HTC...Again

Despite Tim Cook’s comments at last week’s All Things D conference, Apple has once again filed a complaint against HTC with the ITC, marking the third time Apple has taken such action against the Taiwanese company.

Twitter Updates Logo, Giving 'Larry' The Blue Bird A Happier Look

Twitter has given its familiar blue bird logo a professional update, replacing the well-known lowercase “t” bird with a happier version shown in silhouette, the microblogging service announced on Wednesday.

LinkedIn And eHarmony Passwords Leaked

The online community was reminded yesterday of the importance of securing their passwords as Russian hackers began sharing data packets containing some 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords.

Google Beats Apple To The Punch With 3D Maps

Rumors about Apple’s very own mapping service have been strong for quite some time now, and while most analysts and professional watchers expect them to make an announcement to this end next week at WWDC, Google may have already beat them to the punch.

Will iPhone Turn Virgin?

Sprint Nextel Corp., owner of Virgin Mobile, is expected to announce a pay-as-you-go version of the popular iPhone as soon as July 1.

Foursquare Fans Find Freshened Feel For Favorite Followings

A fresh, streamlined interface was rolled out for Foursquare today with fewer buttons than older versions but with increased functionality based on feedback from its millions of users, says Alex Rainert, head of product at Foursquare.

On Apple And Google's Maps

On the surface, the upcoming Maps app battle between Apple and Google — a single battle in the greater war which rages between them — seems to end in a complete landslide in Apple’s favor.

Half Of Senior Citizens Are Online

Although seniors previously spent most of their life without the Internet, over half of them have decided to adapt to life in a world driven by technology, according to new research.

Laser Lab Creates Bright X-ray Flashes

At the Vienna University of Technology, a very special kind of bright coherent x-ray radiation has been created by an international team of scientists; the new method was presented in the current issue of Science

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