The Abondance is a breed of cattle originating in the high valleys of Haute-Savoie, France. It was bred by monks during the 1100s, originally called the chablaisienne. There are around 150,000 head currently in France. The cattle have also been exported to North America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Iraq and Africa.

It is a medium-sized animal. The female is golden brown in color with a white head, abdomen and leg extremities. She will weigh between 1,280 and 1,500 pounds and stand about 51 inches tall. The male on the other hand is a chestnut red with and a bit of white on the head. He will weigh between 1,422 and 1,800 pounds and stand 67 inches tall.

It is a very durable animal, able to withstand extreme weather and temperatures. It breeds easily, produces large quantities of milk, has a long life and its meat is popular.

The milk of the female is rich and well balanced in fat and protein. It is used to produce a fine French cheese. The female will generally produce about 12,570 pounds of milk per lactation period.

Image Caption: Abondance cattle. Credit: fr:Utilisateur/Wikipedia (public domain)