Adaptive Behavior

Adaptive Behavior is a peer-reviewed academic journal published bimonthly by Sage Publications. It was established in 1992 and is the official journal of the International Society of Adaptive Behavior. As of May 2012, the current editor-in-chief is Ezequiel di Paolo.

This is the premier international journal for research on adaptive behavior in animals and autonomous artificial systems. For over ten years it has offered ethologists, psychologists, behavioral ecologists, computer scientists, and robotics researchers a forum for discussing new findings and comparing insights and approaches across disciplines. Adaptive Behavior explores mechanisms, organizational principles, and architectures for generating action in environments, as expressed in computational, physical, or mathematical models.

It features original articles, reviews and short communications on such topics as perception and motor control, learning and evolution, action selection and behavioral sequences, motivation and emotion, characterization of environments, collective and social behavior, navigation, foraging, mate choice, and communication and signaling.

Adaptive Behavior is abstracted and indexed in Scopus, the Science Citation Index and the Social Sciences Citation Index. According to the Journal Citation Reports, in 2009, this journal was ranked 36 of 102 journals in the category “Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence,” 32 of 72 in the category “Psychology, Experimental,” and 4 of 68 in the category “Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary.”

Image Caption: Journal cover of Adaptive Behavior. Credit: Wikipedia

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