Aegean Cat

The Aegean cat is a landrace breed of domestic cat, occurring naturally on the Cycladic Islands in Greece. Its development as an official breed began in the 1990’s, when breeders associated with the new Greek cat fancy began breeding it. Despite this, large organizations do not accept it as a legitimate breed. It is said to be quite popular in Greece and is a common choice for pest control in many areas there.

The Aegean cat is a medium sized cat with a strong body and healthy features. It is considered a semi longhaired cat with no under coat and a long, fluffy tail. The coat is thick enough to protect it from harsh winter conditions, but too thick for hot conditions, so it sheds during the summer months. It is typically bicolored or tricolored, but always with white, with other colors including red, black, cream, and blue and it can also have stripes. Its round eyes resemble those of oriental cats and are green in color.

The Aegean cat is known for its charm and although it has only recently been recognized as a domestic breed, it is highly adapted to the presence of humans. It is a popular pet due to its intelligent and active nature. It is thought that the Aegean cat is the only native breed in Greece.

Image Caption: The Aegean cat can be house-friendly and obedient, taking after the habits of its owners as well as the training it receives throughout its childhood. Credit: Barc0de/Wikipedia (CC BY 3.0)