African Pouched Rat (Emin’s Rat)

The African Pouched Rat, Cricetomys emini, also known as Emin’s Rat, is a large rodent in the muroid super family. It is related to the Gambian Pouched Rat. They are native to Africa and are found along the edges of forests and along the plains. Emin’s rats are actually better climbers than their better known Gambian pouch rat cousins. These pouched rats are named for having cheek pouches much like a hamster.

The African Pouched Rat has a distinct line of color difference between their lower abdomen and upper body. The abdomen is gray-white whereas their upper body is dark brown in color. The tail has a white tip to it. They are very sleek and muscular in appearance. They’re quite slender looking, and are excellent climbers. These animals were introduced into the pet trade and can make excellent pets, however the male can be very territorial to others of the same species.