Agile Antechinus

The Agile Antechinus (Antechinus agilis), is a species of small carnivorous marsupial of the family Dasyuridae. It is found in wet or moist forest in the southeastern corner of Australia. The species is widely abundant, although it has been reduced in areas due to forest clearing, the instigation of plantations, harvesting, controlled burning and the introduction of the Cat and the Red Fox.. Despite these threats, there is no indication that the species is at all threatened.

The Agile Antechinus is nearly indistinguishable from the Brown Antechinus, but it is slightly smaller and its fur has a more grayish tinge. It feeds mostly on invertebrates, including beetles, spiders and cockroaches, but may also devour small lizards and soft berries. The species has been known to enter torpor in response to shortages of food.

Like all antechinuses, the Agile Antechinus has a short and violent breeding season, after which the males all die. The females give birth after a 27-day gestation. Groups of up to 20 have been known to nest together.

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