Agronomy for Sustainable Development

Agronomy for Sustainable Development is a peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1981 as “Agronomie.”  It is published by Springer Science+Business Media. It is managed under the authority of two National Institute of Agronomical Research (INRA) departments: the Departments of Environment and Agronomy, and Sciences for Action and Development. Submitted articles are first evaluated by a pre-selection committee that rejects about 50 percent of incoming manuscripts. Selected submissions are then sent to field editors for more in-depth evaluation.

During its initial publication, less than 10 percent of its articles were in English. Beginning in 2003, the journal went under rapid reformation, which included setting up a pre-selection committee, increase the number of field editors from 14 to 32, novel topics focusing on sustainable agriculture, novel format instructions for more concise articles, switch from hardcopy to fully electronic managing, change to 100 percent coverage in English, and active commissioning of review articles by the Editor-in-Chief. The reformation process took about three years to complete, with a fresh new journal in 2006.

As a consequence of the reformation process, an important increase was observed in the impact factor, the rejection rate, the number of submissions, the number of article downloads at the journal’s website, the number of subscribers to the free e-mail alert, and the number of published review articles.

Since 2003, the journal changed topics from classical, production-oriented agronomy to sustainable and ecological agriculture. Major journal topics currently include: Agriculture and global changes, Agricultural production of renewable energies, Ecological pest control and biopesticides, Organic farming, Genetically modified organisms in cropping systems, Environmental impact on soil, water, air and biodiversity, Risk assessment for food, ecotoxicology, Decision support systems and companion modeling, Social and economic issues of agricultural changes, Innovation in farming systems, and Pollutants in agrosystems.

In 2010, it ranked 4 of 74 journals in the category “Agronomy,” according to the Journal Citation Reports.

Image Caption: 2009 cover of the journal Agronomy for Sustainable Development. Credit: Wikipedia

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