Agujaceratops, meaning “Horned face from Aguja”, is a genus of ceratopsian dinosaur from the Campanian Age of the Late Cretaceous Period (83 to 70 million years ago). It was discovered in a bone bed from Big Bend National Park in 1938. This dinosaur was originally named Chasmosaurus mariscalensis and was first described by Lehman in 1989. At the time there was no definitive skull material. After new findings in 1991 and further research it was given a new genus in 2006 by Lucas, Sullivan and Hunt. The type species is now known as A. mariscalensis.

Agujaceratops lived in what is now the US state of Texas. It was found in strata from the Aguja Formation. Based on the area it was discovered, it is believed this animal lived in swamp lands.

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