The aidi, also known as the Chien de l’Atlas, is a species of guard dog that originated from Morocco. This species was used as a guard dog for sheep and livestock, but was also used alongside the hunting Sloughi as a tracking dog. This species lived with nomadic tribes and stood guard around the perimeter of camps. In the past, it was not highly regarded, unlike the Sloughi, but a recent movement is attempting to give the dog a higher status in memory of all it has done for the Moroccan people.

The aidi reaches an average height between twenty and twenty-five inches and an average weight of about fifty-five pounds. Its body is muscular and its coat is soft and heavy, despite its African ancestry. The coloring of this species varies and includes black, tawny, white, light red, and black and white. The aidi is an apt guard dog and is highly energetic, and because it is sensitive, training must be gentle yet firm.

Image Caption: Photo of a Aidi-dog. Credit: Angelus/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)