Albertaceratops, or the “Alberta horned face” was a genus of dinosaur from the middle Campanian-age / Upper Cretaceous Period. It was discovered in the Oldman Formation of Alberta, Canada, and the Judith River Formation of Montana, USA. This dinosaur was known as Medusaceratops before the findings were officially published in 2003. A single skull was found in August 2001. The current species name, A. nesmoi, is derived from the name of Cecil Nesmo, who lived in Manyberries, Alberta. He was honored with recognition for his efforts to aid fossil hunters.

The genus was unusual as it had long brow horns, while most other centrosaurines had short brow horns. There was a bony ridge over the nose, and there were two large outward projecting hooks on its frill. This species was described by Michael J. Ryan, who found this specimen to be the most basal centrosaurine.

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