Allothereua maculata

The Allothereua maculata, found in Australia, is also known by its common name, the house centipede. This common name is also attributed to other species elsewhere.

A. maculata has a body that is approximately 0.8 – 1.0 inches in length and is comprised of 15 segments and 15 pairs of long legs. One pair of antennae are located on its head. There is also a single long pair of caudal appendages at its tail end.

The Australian house centipede is the most common scutigeromorph centipede across southern Australia, with distribution noted from Western Australia to Queensland.

Found both in urban and wooded areas, its occurrence in houses indicates a preference for dampness and a lack of ventilation. A. maculata is a predator of insects and other arthropods, but is generally considered harmless.

Image Caption: Scutigeromorph centipede, probably Allothereua maculata. Credit: Chris Bloke/Wikipedia  (CC BY 2.0)