Allothereua maculate

Image Caption: Scutigeromorph centipede, probably Allothereua maculata. Credit: Chris Bloke / Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0)

Allothereua maculate is a species of house centipede that can be found in Australia. Its range extends from Queensland to Western Australia, an area where it is commonly found. It prefers a habitat within moist woodland areas or urban areas. It can reach an average body length of up to one inch. Its body is dark brown in body, with darker striped marking the fifteen segments, each holding a pair of legs. It has long antennae and appendages on its backside that resemble antennae. This makes it difficult to distinguish its backside from its front side. Allothereua maculate consumes many types of insects including arthropods, and it is not thought to be harmful to humans.