Alpha Sports

Alpha Sports (ASP) is a kit car manufacturer from Australia founded in 1962.The original cars produced were based on the Lotus Seven, but over time were redesigned into their own style. ASP cars have also competed in various racing events.

In the 1960s Rory Thompson and Ray Lewis built cars based on the Lotus Seven called the “Bacchus Clubman.” Engines used were a BMC B-Series 1500.

Later Models were called ASP with their workshop located at Alpha House, Alpha Street, Kensington, Adelaide, Australia. In December, 2012 the company moved to 17 Nylex Ave Salisbury South. The first vehicle built used the Ford 1500 engines but most other ASPs used the Toyota 3-K 1200 or 1300 engine.

The current model produced is an ASP 320 G Clubman using the Toyota 4AGE 20 valve 1.6-L DOHC engine. Although it is compatible with other engines, some owners are using Mazda engines.

Larger models are also being produced. The ASP 350 uses a V-6 and the ASP 570 uses a V-8. These models can also fit a variety of other engines in the chassis.

Alpha Sports has over 15 cars in production and has plans of manufacturing newer and more modern vehicles to meet the changing automotive industry.

Image Caption: ASP 320 G model, running a Toyota 4AGE 20 Valve 1.6 L twin cam engine. Credit: Julian Thompson/Howcheng/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5)