Alpine Marmot

The alpine marmot (Marmota marmota) is a species of marmot found in mountainous areas of central and southern Europe. Alpine Marmots live at heights between 2,625 and 10,500 feet (800 and 3200 m), in the Alps, Tatra and Pyrenees. An adult Alpine Marmot may weigh between 6.61 and 13.22 pounds (3 and 6 kg) and reach more than 19.69 inches (50 cm) long. It makes the Alpine Marmot the largest squirrel species.

Alpine Marmots eat plants and sometimes insects.

Alpine marmots are social creatures that live as dense societies near their burrows. One can often see an alpine marmot “standing”, which is keeping a lookout for possible predators or other dangers. It will make a loud shrill or chirp on such an occasion. One whistle is given for possible airborne predators, more for ground predators.