American Journal of Physics

The American Journal of Physics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Institute of Physics. As of May 2012, the editor-in-chief is Jan Tobochnik of Kalamazoo College. It was originally titled American Physics Teacher when established in 1933. It was quarterly published from 1933 to 1936; bimonthly published from 1937 to 1939; and then monthly after that. The title was changed to its current moniker beginning in February 1940.

The focus of this journal is undergraduate and graduate level physics. The intended audience is college and university physics teachers and students. Covered topics include research in physics, related topics, instructional laboratory equipment, laboratory demonstrations, teaching methodologies, lists of resources, and book reviews. In addition, historical, philosophical and cultural aspects of physics are also covered.

The journal is indexed in the following databases: Mathematical Reviews, Abstract Bulletin of the Institute of Paper Chemistry, International Aerospace Abstracts, SPIN, Chemical Abstracts, Current Physics Index, Current Index to Journals in Education, Energy Research Abstracts, Applied Science & Technology Index (H.W. Wilson Company), General Science Index ( H.W. Wilson Company), Computer & Control Abstracts, Electrical & Electronics Abstracts, and Physics Abstracts. Science Abstracts. Series A.

Image Caption: Front cover of American Journal of Physics. Credit: Wikipedia

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