Andinobates is a genus of poison dart frogs located in South America. It contains species previously classified in the genus Dendrobates and in 2006 transferred to the genus Ranitomeya. In 2011, Twomey, Brown, et al. erected the genus called Andinobates for a group of twelve species of Ranitomeya. Andinobates frogs can be distinguished from their sister taxon Ranitomeya anatomically in that their second and third vertebrae are fused. They show no limb reticulation, which is present in the majority of species of Ranitomeya.

Andinobates inhabits the northern Andes of Colombia, the Choco department, and lower Central America, whereas Ranitomeya is solely found in the Amazonian basin. The type species regarding the genus Andinobates is Andinobates bombetes.

The twelve species recognized in the Andinobates genus and another species that was described in 2013 called Andinobates cassidyhornae are as follows: Andinobates abditus, Andinobates altobueyensis, Andinobates bombetes, Andinobates cassidyhornae, Andinobates claudiae, Andinobates daleswansoni, Andinobates dorisswansonae, Andinobates fulguritus, Andinobates minutus, Andinobates opisthomelas, Andinobates tolimensis, Andinobates viridis, Andinobates virolinensis, and Andinobates nubeculosus.

Image Caption: Ranitomeya bombetes. Credit: Mauricio Rivera Correa/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5)