Angola Colobus

The Angola colobus (Colobus angolensis) is a tree living Old World monkey belonging to the Colobus genus.

Physical characteristic

It has black fur and a black face, which is surrounded by long, white locks of hair. It also has a mantle of white hair on the shoulders. The long, thin tail can be either black or white. The tip is always white. There is a significant regional variation in the total amount of white on the body and the length of the fur. Animals that live in the mountains have longer, thicker fur than animals from the lowlands to protect them against the cold.

Angola colobi have a head-body length of 19.69 to 27.56 in (50 to 70 cm), with the males usually being larger than females. The tail is about 29.53 in (75 cm) long, and the body weight varies between 19.84 to 44.09 lb (9 to 20 kg).

Distribution and habitat

The Angola colobus occurs in dense rainforests, both in the lowlands and coastal mountains. It lives in most of the Congo Basin, to the south and northeast of the Congo River. It is found as far as Ruwenzori, Burundi and southwestern Uganda. The species can also be found in East Africa. There it is found in the coastal forests of Kenya and Tanzania and in isolated mountain areas. Although the species is named after Angola, it is quite rare in that country


The diet of the Angola colobus consists of about two thirds of leafs and one third of fruit and seeds. The East Tanzanian population lives mainly on ripe fruit, supplemented with full-grown leafs.