Annalen der Physik (Annals of Physics)

Annalen der Physik (Annals of Physics) is a peer-reviewed physics journal established in 1799, and is one of the oldest journals still in publication today. The journal is the successor of the Journal der Physik first published in 1790. The journal has been published under a variety of names throughout its history.  The journal was published only in German until the 1950s, when it began publishing both in German and English. In 1990, after the German reunification, English became the only language of the journal. As of May 2012, the editor-in-chief is Ulrich Eckern.

Annals of Physics publishes original research papers in the areas of experimental, theoretical, applied and mathematical physics and related areas. The journal peaked in 1905 with the publication of Albert Einstein’s annus mirabilis papers. Then the journal lost ground in the 1920s to rival journal Zeitschrift fur Physik. In the 30s, it lost many of its best authors, and then in 1944 through 1946 the journal halted publication because of WWII.

The journal resumed its publishing in 1947 under Soviet rule. Zeitschrift fur Physik moved to Western Germany and Annalen der Physik served Eastern Germany. The journal was acquired by Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, a subsidiary of John Wiley & Sons, in 1990 after the German reunification. A relaunch of the journal is planned for 2012 with new editorial board and updates.

Some of the journal’s most famous papers include: stretched exponential relaxation by Rudolf Kohlrausch and his son Friedrich Kohlrausch (1854); the photoelectric effect by Heinrich Hertz (1887); the theory of blackbody radiation by Max Planck (1901); capillarity by Albert Einstein (1901); the heat capacities of solids with quantized energy levels by Einstein (1907); and the general theory of relativity by Einstein (1916).

The journal is indexed in the following databases: Chemical Abstracts Service, Compendex, Current Contents/Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences, FIZ Karlsruhe Databases, International Nuclear Information System Database, INSPEC, Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet, Science Citation Index Expanded, Science Citation Index, SCOPUS, VINITI, Web of Science, and Zentralblatt MATH/Mathematics Abstracts.

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