Arabian Mau

The Arabian Mau is a breed of domestic cat that originated from the Arabian Peninsula. This breed was developed by Petra Mueller, who sought to bring together the best traits of the desert cat, which is known as a landrace. The breed is known as a natural breed because of this ancestry, but is only accepted by the Germany based World Cat Federation (WCF). It first received its recognition as a provisional breed in 2008 in Dubai at the International Cat Show.

The Arabian Mau varies in size depending upon the sex, with males potentially growing larger than females. Its body is slender yet muscular and it has long legs with oval shaped paw pads. It has almond shaped eyes that typically match the color of fur and large ears. Its fur is short and rests closer to the body. The preferred fur type is not silky, but its coloring can be red, black, white, brown, brown tabby, or black and white.

The heath of the Arabian Mau is typically good and kittens are often active the day of their birth. Mother cats are highly attentive to their kittens and may nurse them for up to five months of age. If there are multiple members of this breed in one household, a slight hierarchy will form with one dominate male and female. Because of its wild ancestry, the Arabian Mau is an active cat and it often eats a large amount of food. It is known for being loyal and loving and makes a great pet companion. It gets along well with children and other animals.

Image Caption: Arabian Mau cat. Credit: SolnishkoA/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)