Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering

Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering (ACME) is a scholarly journal that publishes reviews presenting developments in computational engineering. It also provides a forum for spreading results of research and advanced industrial practice in computational engineering with particular emphasis on mechanics and related fields. The editor-in-chief is Michael Kleiber, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

Areas of publication in the journal include modeling, solution techniques and applications of computational methods in areas including liquid and gas dynamics, solid and structural mechanics and biomechanics, formulations and numerical algorithms related to implementation of the finite and boundary element methods, finite difference and finite volume methods and other computational methods.

This journal is ranked 16 of 94 in the subject category “Comp. sc., interdisciplinary applications;” it is ranked 5 of 68 in the subject category “Engineering, multidisciplinary;” and it is ranked 8 of 76 in the subject category “Mathematics, Interdisciplinary.”

Image Caption: A cover of the Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering. Credit: Wikipedia

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