Ariege Pointer

The Ariege pointer, also known as the Ariege pointing dog or its French name Braque de l’Ariège, is a hunting dog, categorized as a gun dog, which originated in the Ariege area of the Pyrenees. It is thought to have descended from cross breeds of the Perdigueiro de Burgos and Bracco Italiano breeds. The modern form was developed by Braque Francais and Braqque Saint-Germainnin the 20th century, who bred it with local dogs to create a more active breed. This breed was almost eradicated during World War II, but in the 1990, a group of breeders dedicated themselves to restoring its numbers, including Mr. Alain Deteix.

The Ariege pointer is a large breed, reaching a height between twenty-four and twenty-six inches at the withers, or shoulder blades. Its ears are dropped and are typically docked. Its short coat is mostly white in color, with varying spots occurring along the ears and head that can be orange, chestnut, or yellowish in color.

Like many hunting dogs, the Ariege pointer is an active breed that needs large amounts of training and attention. The American Kennel Club and many other dog clubs recognize the breed under varying names. It is considered a rare breed in countries outside of France and is not often kept as a pet or used as a show dog.

Image Caption: Pointer of Ariege from 1915. Credit: W. E. Mason/Wikipedia