The Ariegeois is a breed of hunting dog that originated from the Ariège area of the Midi-Pyrenées in southern France. This breed was developed in 1912 by crossing Briquet dogs with Grand Gascon Saintongeois and Grand Bleu de Gascogne hounds. The Ariegeois was used in hunting parties as driving dogs and coursers, typically catching rabbits, boar, and deer. Although this dog is not well known outside of France, it is recognized by the UKC, as well as the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

The Ariegeois varies in height depending upon the sex with females reaching an average height of 1.8 feet and males reaching 1.9 feet in height. It can reach an average weight between 61.7 and 66.1 pounds and has strong legs. Its short fur is soft and typically white in color, with mottled black markings occurring along the body and tan spots sometimes occurring on the head. This breed makes a good pet, despite its hunting nature, and has a gentle demeanor.