Armenian Gampr Dog

The Armenian Gampr is a breed of livestock guarding dog that originated from the Armenian Highlands. This breed was developed by locals who used primitive selective breeding techniques, but is considered a distinctive landrace. The Armenian term Gampr translates to watchdog in English, which is this breed’s most common usage.

The Armenian Gampr is natural breed that has not changed very much throughout its documented history. It is a large dog that can reach an average weight between 99 and 130 pounds, while height varies depending upon the sex, with females reaching an average height of 24 inches and males reaching a height of at least 26 inches. It has a thick under coat, but its top coat can be short or long and is typically whitish in color, while individuals with brownish or piebald fur are not typically accepted as purebred.

The Armenian Gampr does not need to be trained to guard because it does so instinctually. It is said to be very loyal and it is so observant that it can discern between true danger and no danger. This breed makes a good pet, but is also kept as a hunting dog, guard dog, and shepherd dog. The Armenian Gampr is not recognized by major dog clubs like the UKC or AKC, but a new organization known as the International Kennel Union (IKU) recognizes it as Armenia’s national dog.

Image Caption: Armenian Gampr dog. Credit: Zara-arush/Wikipedia