Arouquesa Cattle

The Arouquesa is a breed of cattle from Portugal and is in protected geographical status. Its range of habitat is restricted to the Northern Portuguese districts of Viseu, Aveiro, Porto and Braga.

It is a small breed with the cow only reaching a height of about 48 inches and weighing between 790 and 950 pounds. The bull is slightly bigger at about 52 inches high and will weigh about the same as the cow.

The color is a light brown, but the bull will be a little darker than the cow. There hind legs a very muscular due to the mountainous terrain. It is an active but very good natured breed, that can be easily trained. The horns are set wide and point forward, turning down then up.

The Arouquesa has a very long life-span and the cow may produce as many as 16 to 18 calves.

They are mainly used for draft work in Portugal, but in the past they were exported to Great Britain for there meat. Now the meat is restricted to Portugal and considered the best native breed for beef production.

Image Caption: Arouquesa Cattle. Credit: Susanne Maeder/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)