Artois Hound

The Artois Hound is a scent hound and a descendant of the Bloodhound. It is a hunting breed which was a French favorite in the 17th century. During the 19th century it was crossbred so much with other hunting breeds that much of the original bloodline was lost. Despite a 20 year effort to breed a dog similar to the original Artois, by the end of World War II, the Breed was practically extinct. During the 1970s there was another effort to reconstitute the breed and the modern day version strongly resembles the original. Currently about 500 Artois Hounds are registered.

The Artrois Hound stands 22 to 23 inches high and weighs between 55 and 65 pounds. It is a strong dog with a large head, and a pointed tail. The eyes and lips of the Artrois Hound are prominent, as is its square jaw. Its limbs are strong, and its shoulders and forearms oblique. The Paw pads of the Artrois Hound are tough and compact, well suited for chasing after game with an average maintained speed. The coat of the Artrois is short, thick and a dark fawn tri-color. It does not require a significant amount of grooming; it rarely needs a bath and just needs brushing.

It is a hunting breed and needs plenty of exercise. Without regular stimulation the dog could become a problem for its owners. As a scent hound, the Artrois needs to stay on a leash or it might run off toward the first thing it smells. The Artrois is happiest when it is occupied, and especially happy when hunting. The average lifespan of an Artrois is around 13 years, and there are no known breed-related health issues.

Photo Credit: P.Marlow