Atlantic stingray

The Atlantic stingray, Dasyatis sabina, is a stingray of the family Dasyatidae found in the western Atlantic from Chesapeake Bay to southern Florida between latitudes 39° N and 17° N, at depths down to 82.02 ft (25 m). Its length is up to 2 ft (61 cm).

The Atlantic stingray has a prominent triangular snout and broadly rounded outer corners of disc. There are a few scapular spines, and a mid-dorsal row of spines, but few spines on the tail beyond the pelvic fins. It inhabits coastal waters, including estuaries and lagoons, and ascends rivers, feeding on tube anemones, polychaete worms, small crustaceans, clams, and serpent stars.

Coloration is brown or yellowish brown on the upper surface, paler toward the margins of the disc, and white on the lower surface.

The Atlantic stingray is ovoviviparous.