Australian Bradford Cattle

The Australian Bradford is a breed of cattle that originated in Queensland, Australia between 1946 and 1952. It was developed from crossing Brahman bulls with the Hereford cattle in attempt to produce cattle to resist ticks and be resilient to drought. It is also resistant to pink eye, eye cancer and disease.

The Bradford is raised mainly in NSW and Queensland, Australia. Semen from the cattle have been exported to South America and South Africa, while live cattle have been exported to Indonesia and Thailand.

The Bradford has a small hump located just in front of the shoulders on top of its neck. Its skin is loose and has the markings similar to the Hereford, being red with white markings on the underside and face. The genetic makeup of the Bradford is approximately 50/50 Hereford and Brahman. The Australian Bradford can be polled (hornless) or have horns.

Image Caption: Australian Bradford Cattle. Credit: Cgoodwin/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)