Australian Brangus Cattle

The Australian Brangus is a breed of cattle originating first in the United States as the Brangus, then independently in Queensland, Australia as the Australian Brangus. It was developed by crossbreeding the Brahman and Angus cattle breeds during the 1950s. The breed has more Angus blood than Brahman in its genetic makeup.

It is generally a sleek black color but sometimes can be red. The head is medium-length with a broad muzzle and forehead.

The Brangus is tolerant to heat, and ticks as well as having a low rate of eye cancer that affects many white faced breeds. It is a hardy breed and does well foraging in a variety of terrains. Their meat is used for beef products throughout Australia as well as being exported.

The growth, milk and carcass quality is monitored and recorded by the Australian Brangus Cattle Assotiation.

Image Caption: Australian Brangus Cattle. Credit: Cgoodwin/Wikipedia (public domain)