Australian Charbray Cattle

The Australian Charbray is a breed of beef cattle that originated in Australia. It was developed by crossing the Charolais and Brahman breeds. Most Australian Charbray are about 75 percent Charolais and 25 percent Brahman.

It is a large breed, very muscular with loose skin, possibly by being introduced to Bos indicus blood. It has a cream to light red color as an adult. The calf is usually born a light tan but will change to a creamy white in a few weeks. The Charbray is a hardy breed, resistant to heat, humidity, parasites, diseases and are able to travel great distances in hot and humid climates.

The female matures early, usually reaching puberty between 14 to 17 months, calving at about two years of age and reproduces rapidly after that. The cow will also produce high volumes of milk.

The calf will grow rapidly and will reach slaughter weights at about 12 to 15 months. The meat is very lean with almost no fat trimming involved.

Image Caption: Australian Charbray Cattle. Credit: Petruss/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)