Australian Pony

The Australian Pony is a breed of pony from Australia. Australia had no native horses or ponies before settlers from other nations arrived. All horses that now live in Australia were bred from imported breeds.

In 1788 nine horses were brought to Australia from South Africa and Timor Ponies came from Indonesia in 1803. These two breeds of horses produced the Australian Pony breed. Other breeds like the Welsh Mountain Pony, Hackney pony, Arabian, Shetland Pony, Highland Pony, Connemara Pony, Exmoor Pony, also had an influence with the Australian Pony.

The Australian Pony breed appeared by 1920 and in 1931, the first Australian pony stud book, the Australian Pony Stud Book Society (APSB), was formed. This stud book contained all of the mountain and moorland pony breeds that had been imported as well as other pony breeds born in Australia.

The Australian Pony is described as being 44 to 56 inches high with a strong Welsh Mountain Pony influence. It has a show quality head with alert ears and large, dark eyes. Its neck is relatively short and rounded, with shoulders that slope back. The hindquarters are also rounded and well proportioned. The Australian Pony has short strong legs, with a flat dense bone. The breed can be any color, but most of them are grey.

The Australian Pony is mainly used by children and small adults for riding. They also compete in, show jumping events, combined driving, gymkhana, mounted games, and in horse shows.

Image Caption: Horse Riding in Coca Cola Arena – 2005 Melbourne Show. Credit: fir00020 / (CC BY-NC 3.0)