Avicularia metallica

Avicularia metallica is a fairly tame species of tarantulas. This spider is considered by some to be a public species. Cannibalism, while still a concern when they are kept communally, is much less of a problem compared to other Teraphosidae.

This species, known commonly as the Metallic Pinktoe is a tarantula with a diagonal leg span of about 5.1 to 5.9 inches. The Metallic Pinktoe is notable for its iridescent sheen, green to dark blue prosoma, and the white tipped hairs on the opisthosoma. The males and the females look the same until the ultimate molt of the males. At this point, the males will gain embolus on the pedipalps and tibial apophysis, used for mating. The Metallic Pinktoe tarantula is an arboreal species that will frequently construct a tube web in the tree canopy.

This Metallic Pinktoe is found in the tropical forests of Columbia.

Image Caption: Avicularia Metallica Female Five Inch Specimen. Credit: Psychonaught/Wikipedia